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With a back ground playing in Manchester bands, gospel and session work we now enjoy finding great songs, writing new materials and working on arrangements with the rhythm and riffs of acoustic guitars which we play at private parties, restaurants, bars and in the living room with friends! A combination of light jazz, soul, blues, folk and Latin style melodies, we enjoy seeing how playing music for people brings warmth, humour and sparkle to the lives of those around us.

Our inspiration in recent years has come from working with and appreciating the talents and endeavours of local artists embracing a range of creativity from painting, sculpting, jewellery, ceramics, writing and music. Our lives are enriched by the people who have shared their art, ideas and endeavours generously. We’ve enjoyed nurturing new and young talent with our own children, and those of friends and neighbours. Keen to share their fledgling talents we’ve seen them develop into proficient and impressive musicians ready to play their latest piece at a gathering of friends and family.

We have kept our commitment to live music, the love of hearing, listening and playing with other musicians, feeling the lift in your heart as the mood of the melody and lyrics resonate with your living soul.

You can listen to and download our most recently recorded song Khola Kharka Lullaby, all proceeds from the purchase of this song will go to supporting Antarastriya Secondary School.

You can also listen to our songs from 'What a girl unconsciously brings', we hope you enjoy!


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